My time at the LSE was defined by the extraordinary people I met there: faculty, other students in the programme, the network of LSE alumni and seminar speakers and visitors who visited the department on a regular basis. This is a network that has continued to be incredibly important and rewarding as I’ve embarked on my post-PhD career. The LSE is a hugely dynamic and exciting environment in which to undertake a PhD, surrounded by like-minded people motivated by finding answers to novel interesting and important questions, and I loved my time in the programme.

Clare Balboni MIT



Antonella Bancalari, Assistant Professor, Univeristy of St. Andrews

Alexia Delfino, Assistant Professor, Universita’ Bocconi

Jay Lee, Assistant Professor,  Stockholm University

Niclas Moneke, Assistant Professor, University of Oxford


Shan Aman Rana, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Virginia

Clare Balboni, 3M Junior Chair in Economics, Department of Economics, MIT (2020 John Hicks Prize for an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation)

Trang Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Kellog , Northwestern University

Roberto Sormani, YPP, World Bank

Torsten Walter, Assistant Professor, NYUAD


Diego Battiston, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics


Michael Best, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Columbia University

Florian Blum, YPP, World Bank

Nicola Limodio, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Bocconi University

Guo Xu, Assistant Professor, Haas,  University of California, Berkeley (2018 John Hicks Prize for an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation)


Anders Jensen, Post-Doc NBER & Assistant Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Giulia Zane, Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Economics, Harvard University


Erika Deserranno, Assistant Professor, Kellog MEDS, Northwestern University (2016 John Hicks Prize for an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation)

Laura Derksen, Assistant Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Ameet Morjaria, Assistant Professor, Kellog MEDS, Northwestern University (previously post-doc, Harvard)

Erina Ytsma, Post Doctoral Fellow, Sloan School of Management, MIT


Anett Hoffman, Assistant Professor, CREST, Paris

Daniel Metzger, Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

Yanhui Wu, Assistant Professor, USC

Selim Gulesci, Assistant Professor, Universita’ Bocconi

Prakarsh Singh, Assistant Professor, Umass Amherst

Sanchari Roy, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Warwick.

Stefanie Sieber, Young Professional Program, World Bank

Sonia Goncalves, King’s College

Jin Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

 Kumar Aniket, New Hall & Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

 Irma Clots-Figueras, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain